patio pergola improvements

How To Improve the Design of Your Dull Patio or Pergola

Outdoor entertaining is important to most Western Australians and that is why home buyers will often be willing to pay a higher price if there is a good outdoor space where they can imagine entertaining their friends.

Your patio could be thought of as the space that acts as a bridge between your life indoors and the world outdoors. When the warm weather hits, the patio can be the space of choice for all sorts of leisurely activity, dinner events, social gatherings or even full scale partying.

In any and in all of these cases, it stands to reason that you would want to avoid letting the aesthetics of your patio’s design be dull. Even if you are on a budget, there are plenty of thing s that can be done to easily transform a dull and boring patio into a stimulating and comfortable environment.

To accomplish this task, we will rely on color. In just about all situations in which you aim to spice up the atmosphere of a space, choosing the colors to dress the room in is one of the most crucial and fundamental steps in designing a décor with pizazz.

A good practice is to decide on a color scheme or theme to go with that space. The scheme can match other parts of the homes color scheme, or each space can have a vibe of its own. This is a matter of personal taste, however, it could be said that in the case of the patio, you are stepping out from the inside, and so stands to reason that a fresh color scheme should be devised.

If you are not much in the way of aesthetic savvy, then you can use this guideline to help in selecting a pleasant and rich style or theme for your patio.


1. Decide on an overall mood. Do you want the area to be bright and stimulating? Do want it warm, dark and cozy? Perhaps you want it earthy and soothing. Each of these moods and more can be best established by selecting the appropriate colors to create that vibe.

For example, if you want to go with ‘bright and stimulating,’ then bright, vibrant and clear colors will help set the vibe in that direction. If you want ‘warm, dark and cozy,’ then deeper shades of warm colors with accent points of black or dark wood finish would be a good way to go. For earthy and soothing, pastels and deep greens could set just the mood you’re looking for.

2. Pick three colors. The first two colors could be thought of as your ‘primary colors.’ The third color can be your ‘accent’ or ‘contrast’ color. The first two should be somewhat similar in terms of lightness, darkness, and spectrum, but still, stand out amongst each other while blending without clashing. The third color should be a color on the opposite end of the light spectrum.

For instance, if your first two colors are light or bright, your third color should be dark. If your first two colors are dark, your third color should be light. Of course, you are not limited to three colors, but even just three skillfully selected colors in this fashion can make the room pop.

Other colors can be brought in to the mix at will, but always be careful to blend additional colors well with your scheme, and don’t get too busy or have too many colors going on, as that generally makes the room feel cluttered, dirty or unsettling.

3. Miscellaneous. Once you have a clear idea of your primary and accent colors, then you have a clear compass for selecting furniture, decorative objects, wall art, and paints. With this method of interior coloring, you can make vivid and interesting designs that come off modern and hip, while maintaining class and elegance.

4. Know its function. Finally, we will determine the function of the space. For a patio, finding an old bed on Gumtree or at the Opshop and covering it with pillows and bean bags can make a great lounging area when placed under a canopy. A table with an umbrella for shade can be an alternate dining room for the summer season.

A hammock can encourage guests to relax and be comfortable. A functional bar area (with a stocked fridge) can persuade the party to get started properly. The choices are virtually endless, so get started planning your improved out door entertaining area and make this summer a time that you and your friends will never forget.