5 Handy Maintenance Tips for Your Air Conditioner

As summer approaches, it is important to make sure that your airconditioner is in good shape. Without a good airconditioner, a Perth summer will make you want to move to Tasmania.

You wouldn’t drive your car or motorcycle 100,000 kilometers without changing the oil. The same logic holds true for your cooling system. Keep your air conditioning unit properly maintained and you’ll not only save money on energy bills, but also ensure its peak performance and extend its lifespan.

Check out these helpful maintenance tips for your air conditioner. Keep in mind that the best time to use these tips is just before summer, when your unit will work the longest.

1. Clean or Replace the Air Filter
Replacing the air filter is one the best ways to ensure strong and efficient airflow. When this filter becomes full of dirt, dust, or other and allergen particles, the air flow will decrease, making your air conditioner work harder than it should have to. In addition, the air flowing out through the system will also become dustier, dirtier, and prone to triggering allergic reactions for susceptible residents.

2. Check the Wiring and Other Components
Before you get started on this, make sure the system is turned off. Next, remove the access panel on the condensing unit and check for any signs of overheating –- blackened wires, melted insulation on wires, and the like. Take a look at the electrical connections to make sure they are tightly fitted. If you notice any problems and are not qualified to replace the parts yourself, always call a local electrician to do it for you.

3. Examine the Condenser Unit Fan
Check to make sure the fan is still in good condition. Cracks or chips in one or more of the fan blades will compromise performance so have them replaced as soon as possible. If you have an older air conditioner unit, you may also need to oil the fan motor bearings regularly.

4. Clean the Coils
These coils are responsible for moving hot and cold air, so you want to make sure that they’re not clogged with dirt, dust, leaves and spiderwebs. Brush away any dirt from the coils with a soft cloth or brush and make sure they are dry before turning the system back on.

5. Clean the Outside Unit
Over time, leaves, twigs, dirt, and other debris will build up on the outside of your air conditioning unit, decreasing system capacity and reducing air flow. You can use a garden hose at about a 45° angle to gently wash out any debris (OUTSIDE UNIT ONLY). It is not advisable to use a power washer, since the pressure may be too much.

Whether you have a refrigerated air conditioner or an evaporative air conditioner, you can find air conditioning service companies and professionals on Gumtree. Service professionals usually inspect components that are beyond the scope of a DIY maintenance checklist, but are crucial to the performance of your unit. These include the control box, refrigerant levels, compressor, and tubing.

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